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Creative Spaces to Write Your Story

Have you noticed that we have typewriters everywhere? Not only do we like the aesthetic of them (because really, who doesn’t love a nice typewriter), we love what they represent.


There are stories everywhere we look, and we want to be there as part of your story as a way to help you write the next pages of it.

Shering Spaces provides the tools – whether it’s space to work, to play or to learn – to help you fill those pages.


This option is great if you just need a space away for a couple hours – or a couple of days! Come in, set up and get things done. This quiet space might be just what you need to change up your environment, or get inspired on your next project. Surround yourself with other people that can help to uplift and energize you.

Desk for a day

This desk? Yours for the day. You can rent one of the private spaces and power through what you need to get done! This is perfect if you’re finishing up a project and just need to focus on what you’re doing, or if you need a day of dedicated work time in a space that’s different than what you’re used to.

Frankling Room

This space is bright, spacious, and fit to your needs. Things like: work, meetings, classes, pop up shops, events, art shows, book clubs, book launches, paint nights, yoga classes and so much more! Do you have an idea that you think would work for this space? We’d love to hear all about it! This space seats 10 most comfortably.

Creators Designated Offices

Did you know that when you have a private office, you have reception services as well? This is your office! Set it up for work, for meetings, for you. Rentals are available on a month by month basis and offer access to our boardroom, coffee area and more! A private mailbox will also be yours so you can keep home and work separate!

podcast studio

Quiet, soundproofed and ready for you to plug in and record. With our fully equipped state of the art podcast room, your efforts can now be fine tuned and get off the ground! Here you can bring in a guest into the space, or log into our high speed wifi and have them connect virtually. It’s everything you could want for podcast recording.

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podcast studio

$ 45.00 for two hours
  • $60 1/2 day • $100 full day
  • Ready to Plug In and Record:
  • Sound Proofed Room
  • 2x Microphones
  • Video Cameras
  • Ring Lights

Desk for a day

$ 40.00 per day
  • High Speed Internet
  • No Commitment
  • Curbside Creator Option:
  • $15/hr • $30/day
  • First come, first serve
  • Great option for a hot desk!

frankling room

$ 25.00 per hour
  • $65 1/2 day • $100: full day
  • High Speed Wi-fi
  • Notepad & Pens Available
  • Set up as needed:
  • Boardroom, classroom, etc
  • Seats 10-20

designated office

$ 450.00 per month
  • 10x10 Rooms
  • High Speed Wi-fi
  • Boardroom Access
  • Coffee Bar
  • 2hrs/mo in the Podcast Studio
  • Reception Services

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