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Shering Spaces welcomes you and all your dreams and goals.
Our space was created to facilitate your hard work.
We are here for the business men and women, the creatives, the artists, the writers and anyone who needs a comfortable, bright and welcoming space to do their work!
We have private offices, a boardroom, cozy couch area, hot desks, a podcast room and also a wide open space!
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From Hot Desks to Boardrooms

Have a change of pace in this quiet building

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Make your business more visible in this busy location

Why Shering Spaces Began

a note from our founder

I have always enjoyed watching small businesses whether through social media, in person or through word of mouth.  Who was growing, who had made some amazing changes and of course, the super innovative.

During the pandemic, this hobby of mine kicked up a notch.  Perhaps more than a notch.     My purpose changed from curiosity to what was working for other businesses and using that information to help my clients who at times were struggling.  

I was walking with one of our staff Alicia and we were talking about finding a way to bring entrepreneurs and creators together.  For example, one person had the perfect pick-up location while the other was way out of town.  Another had great shipping discounts while another had never shipped before.  Items like flowers and a day at the salon went hand in hand.  Now how do we get these people to come together, talk about their ideas and find ways to collaborate.  Find new ways to succeed in these bizarre times.  

Originally the idea was a Facebook page aptly named Shering Spaces.  Alicia is the creative mind behind the name.  Both fitting and quirky.   Facebook groups can be a challenge to bring to fruition.  Gain enough followers, sell your idea and hopefully obtain your goals.  We were not successful. 

And then we found the perfect solution, a great little space right in the downtown core of Grand Forks.  The idea for Shering Spaces on a much grander scale came to life.  Our ultimate goal is to be a space for creators, entrepreneurs, and locals to come together, collaborate, create and work.  We didn’t want to limit ourselves to just a co-work space because Grand Forks has such an amazing art culture so our space is fluid and changeable.

People bringing in their ideas, collaborating and engaging.

We will have achieved our goals if Shering Spaces becomes part of their story. 

our spaces

Empowering Everyone, Everywhere


$15/hr • $30/day
Wi-fi Included • No Commitment • First Come, First Serve

Desk for a Day

High Speed Wi-fi • No Commitment


Scanning & Printing • Reception Services • Coffee Bar w/ Lounge access

Frankling Room

$25/hr min. 2 hrs • $65 1/2 day • $100 Full
High speed Wi-Fi • Notepads & Pens • Can be set up as needed: Boardroom, classroom style
Seats: 10/20

Creators Designated Office

A private office for you!
High Speed Wi-fi • Boardroom Access • Coffee Bar • 2 hrs/mo of Podcast Studio

Podcast Studio

$45/2 hrs • $60 1/2 day • $100 full
Sound proofed room • 2x microphones • Video Cameras • Ring Lights
Come in, set up and record! It's all ready for you

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Amazing businesses
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